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PSP: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Get to Know the Specs for All PSP Models
Each PSP model has had different specifications; sometimes the differences are large and sometimes not so much.
Which PSP? Choose the PSP That's Best for You
Whether you're looking to buy a PSP for yourself, or as a gift for someone else, you'll want to make sure to buy the right model. Though the differences between models aren't huge, they can be significant depending on the intended use of the PSP.
Learn All About the Specs of the PSP-3000
Here's a list of the specifications for the 3rd generation PSP, the PSP-3000.
The 10 Best Emulators for PSP
PSP homebrewers have made emulators for just about every game system out there. Play NES roms on your PSP? Absolutely! GBA? That too. Here are 10 of the coolest emulators to try on your PlayStation Portable.
Learn All About the Specs of the PSP-1000
The PSP-1000 was the most powerful handheld gaming console when it was released, but what are its exact specifications? The original PlayStation Portable's hardware specs are still pretty impressive, as this list shows.
What Media File Formats Are Compatible with the...
The PS Vita is a multimedia device, but that doesn't mean it can play everything. Here are the media formats and memory cards that are compatible with the PlayStation Vita.
Learn About the Specs of the PSPgo
Here's a list of the specifications for the 4th generation PSP, the PSPgo.
A glossary definition of pass-and-play multiplayer on PSP.
Everything You Need to Know About the PS Vita
The PS Vita is the most sophisticated gaming handheld yet, and there's a lot to know. Here's a guide.
How to Play PSP Games on Your TV
Since the introduction of the PSP-2000 model, PSP gamers have had the option of playing their games on a bigger screen using the PSP's video out jack.
What File Formats Are Supported by PSP?
The PSP is a versatile device, but it can't play every file format out there. Find out which music, video and image formats the PSP can play.
What's in the Box - Unboxing the PS Vita
Wondering what comes in the PS Vita box? Can't decide if you really want one? Come along as I unpack my new PlayStation Vita.
Here's What You Need to Know About the PSP E1000
Thoughts and complete specifications on the PSP-E1000, a WiFi-less version of the PlayStation Portable. What does this bargain model mean for gamers?
How to Create a PlayStation Network Account
Instructions for creating a Playstation Network account, for yourself or for your children.
Top 10 Coolest Homebrews for the PSP
There are all kinds of really cool homebrews available for the PSP (assuming you have homebrew-capable firmware). I think these are the most exciting.
PSP and PS Vita Side by Side
What does the PS Vita look like compared to the PSP? Find out in this side-by-side look at the two PlayStation handhelds.
4 Free Apps You Can Download to Your PS Vita
While the PS Vita will come with certain basic apps pre-loaded there will also be other apps available for download from the day of the handheld's launch.
Top PSP Games for Kids - Great PSP Games for Kids
Sony's PSP isn't really marketed towards kids and pre-teen gamers, but there are some great PSP games for kids if you look hard enough.
AR Games for the PS Vita
The PS Vita comes packaged with six AR cards that you can use to play some free downloadable games.
Glossary definition of the term .mp4.
5 Reasons Sony's UMD Format Never Flourished
Criticism of the PlayStation Portable's proprietary UMD format for games and media was strong right from the beginning. Here are some the reason the format never really won gamers over.
Top 5 Things to Do With Your PSP Besides Play...
Sure the PSP is a great gaming machine, but you can do lots of other things with Sony's portable PlayStation. Play movies, listen to music, view photos, surf the web, and more. See what else your PSP can do!
Which PSP? Strengths and Weaknesses of the...
Each PSP model has different strengths and weaknesses, different pros and cons. This article sets them all out so you can choose the best PSP model for you.
3 Reasons Kids Should Hack Their PSPs
Some positive aspects of letting kids hack the PSP.
Using the PlayStation Store on a PS Vita
Accessing the PlayStation Store from a PS Vita is much like accessing it from a PSP or PS3, but if you're new to the PSN, you might need a few pointers.
Which Games Can the PS Vita Play?
Find out what kinds of games you can download for the PS Vita and where to get them.
Ad hoc
A definition of Ad hoc, and what it means as it applies to PSP.
How To Transfer Photos to a PSP Memory Stick
Transferring photos and other image files to your PSP is simple, once you know how. Then you can use your PlayStation Portable to show off your snapshots anytime, anywhere.
Learn How to Transfer Your Music to a PSP...
Transferring music and other audio files to your PSP is not difficult, once you know the process. Then you can use your PlayStation Portable to listen to your music wherever you go.
How to Easily Set Up Remote Play on your PSP...
Did you know you can access your PS3 using your PSP? Whether you want to use your PSP as a remote control while playing music on your PS3, or you want to play the games located on your PS3 with your PSP, you'll want to set up Remote Play.
How To Use the PlayStation Store for PC to...
Sony PSP Media Go for PSP is a free PC program that manages PSP content, syncs it to new content and easily downloads it from the PlayStation Store for PC.
How To Find out Which Firmware Version a PSP Has
Finding out which version of the PSP firmware your PlayStation Portable is running is simple. Just follow this step-by-step.
The Best PSP Add-Ons You Probably Can't Use
When the PSP first came out, it was full of promise, and lots of third-party accessories manufacturers made neat stuff for it. Sadly, most of that neat stuff didn't work on later PSP models.
Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
Putting an Xperia Play into the option dock turns it into a shiny alarm clock. Page 8.
How To Set Up Sony Media Go for PSP Downloads
SonyMedia Go for PSP is a free program for PC that lets you manage your PSP downloads, syncs your PSP with the content you want, and makes downloading from the PlayStation Store simple. Here's how to set up Sony Media Go for PSP.
How to Clean Your PS Vita's Touchscreen
While a quick wipe with a soft cloth will get most of the smudges off your PS Vita's (or other device's) screen, there is a better way to keep your screen in pristine condition.
10 Great RPGs You Can Play on Your PSP
These are your PSP Guide's favorite role-playing titles, with links to reviews and further information.
How to Browse the Web on a PS Vita
The PS Vita has a built-in web browser app, which is pretty simple to use once you know its quirks.
9 Great Flying Sims for PSP
This is the complete list of flying games for the PSP, with links to reviews and more information.
How to Pair Your Playstation Vita and PS3 for...
Like the PSP before it, the PlayStation Vita can access content on a PS3 and even play PS3 games remotely.
How Do I Update My PSP Firmware?
There are a few different ways to update your PSP's firmware. Here's how.
PlayStation Vita Specifications
Here's a list of the specifications for the PSP2, officially called the PS Vita or PlayStation Vita (formerly known as NGP).
The About PSP Guide to PSP Hardware
Find all the information you need on all of the PSP models, from specifications lists, to image galleries, to what the PSP's hardware means for gamers.
What is Homebrew?
Homebrew is a term that refers to home-made programming and software. Despite Sony's security measures on PlayStation Portable firmware, there is a thriving PSP homebrew community.
How To Customize Your PS Vita Home Screen
It's simple to rearrange the home screen on your PS Vita and add a background if you want to. Here's how.
Play Music on a PS Vita
The PS Vita can play back several audio formats and can even access your music library on your PC or PS3.
8 Action-Adventure Games for PSP You Need to...
These are your PSP Guide's favorite action-adventure titles, with links to reviews and further information.
How To Transfer Files to a PSP Memory Stick...
It's not difficult to transfer files such as photos and music to your PSP; once you know how you'll be able to do it quickly and easily. Then you can listen to your tunes or show off your photos wherever you go, whenever you want. This tutorial is for older firmware versions.
PSP FAQ - Where Can I Find a PSP Games Download?
It's all very fine to go out and buy games on disc, but what if you can't get to the store? As long as you have an internet connection, you can find a PSP games download. Here are some places to look.
How to Use the PS Vita's On-Screen Keyboard
Using a touch-screen keyboard, like that on the PS Vita, isn't really any more difficult than a physical keyboard. It does have a few quirks and tricks to know about, though, that will make your experience much better.
What is a PSP?
What is a PSP? Sony's PlayStation Portable is a powerful handheld gaming console, but what can it do? Read for overview and specs.
Get Girls Gaming With PSP
Ideas for getting girls interested in video games on the PSP.
Are There Adult UMD Videos on PSP?
Are there Adult videos on PSP UMD?
Sony's Official PS Vita Accessories
Sony has made an array of PS Vita accessories available, including cases, earphones, screen protectors and more.
PSP / PS3 Interactivity
The PSP is able to interact with the PlayStation 3, but how? What does PSP - PS3 interactivity look like?
To update the PSP is to download and install a newer firmware version.
How To Transfer PSP Videos to a Memory Stick...
It's much harder to make your own video files than it is to transfer them to your PSP; once you know how you'll be able to do it quickly and easily. Then watch your own PSP videos, or ones you've downloaded off the internet, wherever you go. This how-to is for older firmware versions.
Content Manager for PS Vita
Content Manager is the utility software for the PS Vita, replacing the PSP's Media Go and drag-and-drop content management.
Trophies on the PS Vita
Many games on PS Vita let you earn trophies as you play, but there are some quirks with saving that information and sharing with others.
How to Install and Use Skype for PSP
Instructions for installing and running Skype on your PSP.
What Does the PS Vita Mean for Gamers?
We've seen the specs and the images of the PS Vita (formerly NGP) but what does it mean for gamers?
PSP Utility Software - Sync Your PSP and Your...
You can transfer files between your computer and your PSP with just a USB cable, if you know how the files are organized. Or you can use software that will synch your PSP for you. Here are some options.
A definition of the Sports genre in video games.
Top Puzzle Games for PSP
These are your PSP Guide's favorite puzzle titles, with links to reviews and further information.
Top 10 More Game System Emulators for PSP
PSP homebrewers have made emulators for just about every game system out there. Now you can even play Intellivision games on your PSP. Here are 10 more coolest emulators to try on your PlayStation Portable.
5 Reasons to Buy a PSP (Not a DS or iPhone/iPod...
The PSP, DS and iPhone/iPod Touch are all good options for the gamer on the go, but here are 5 reasons why the PSP is the best choice among handheld game systems.
Official PS Vita Starter Kit Review
The official Sony PS Vita Starter Kit looks like pretty good value, but how do the individual items measure up? We review the package here, and show you exactly what you get.
How to Manage Your Friends on PS Vita
The PS Vita has an app for keeping track of your PSN friends. Here's how it works.
PS Vita Launch Apps
The PS Vita will come pre-loaded with a slew of apps for music, social networking and more. Here's what you'll find when you first turn you new PS Vita on.
Before You Buy a PSP - PSP Buyer's Guide
Once you've decided to buy a PSP, there are somethings you should probably know before shelling out a handful of cash, such as which model to buy and if you should get a bundle or a core pack.
List of PSP Games With Gamesharing
A quick reference list of PSP titles with Gamesharing.
PSP Games That are Good for Kids' Brains - And...
These are some of the most fun, yet educational, games for kids on PSP.
Travel With a PSP or PS Vita
The PSP and PS Vita are designed to be portable, but before you take your expensive handheld on the road with you, you'll need a few accessories to make sure it's protected and useable.
What's in the PSP Box?
What accessories come with the PlayStation Portable? How is the Giga Pack different from the Value Pack or the Core System PSP?
3 Kinds of Legal (and Illegal) Software for PSP
A description for parents of the free software available for hacked PSPs, and whether each kind is legal or not.
5 Ways the PS Vita is What Gamers Wanted in the...
In many ways, the PS Vita is the device gamers wanted way back when the PSP first came out. Here are five things the PS Vita adds to make it far better than the PSP.
A Guide to Tomb Raider Games on PSP
Most of the Tomb Raiser series can be played on the PSP--here are all the games and what to expect.
The Tech of PS Vita: NVG Cards
Explaining what the NVG Card will be used for on the PS Vita.
A definition of Bluetooth technology and its uses on the PSPgo and PS Vita.
How to Customize Your PSP
Customize your PSP is ways from simple to complex. Add custom wallpapers, themes, skins, cases, faceplates and mods.
How to Take Photos and Videos with a PS Vita
Both the front and rear cameras on the PS Vita can be used to take photos and videos. Here's how.
PS Vita / PS3 Interactivity
It looks like interaction between the PS Vita and the PS3 will be much better than PSP / PS3 interactivity ever was.
Trading Card Game
A definition of the trading card game genre, with examples on PSP.
How To Install Trend Micro's Kid Safety for PSP
How to install Trend Micro Kids Safety for PSP, for use with the PSP Internet Browser.
Memory Stick
A memory stick is a storage device used with the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and other electronic devices.
Profile of the PSP game Platypus, including developer, publisher, release date, rating, and more.
The Best Age to Buy Your Child a PSP/PS Vita?
A discussion about the best age for kids to start playing Sony's portable systems.
Choosing the Best PSP for a Young Gamer
Learn about the different models of the PSP hardware and find out how to choose the best PSP for kids.
The term PSP-3000 refers to third version of the PSP, also called the PSP Brite.
The PSP-E1000: A Good Buy for Kids?
Is the PSP-E1000 model a better pick for kids? Find out here.
How to Use Your PSP as an E-Reader
Read e-books on your PSP by following these simple steps.
Sony Media Go
Sony's Media Go software is a Windows-based program that allows PSP users (and others) to download from the PlayStation Store and synch content between their devices.
Homebrew is homemade software for any platform, in this case the PSP.
The Dangers of Letting Kids Hack their PSPs
A look at the risks (and rewards) of letting kids hack their PSPs.
How to Use the Parental Controls on the PS Vita
There are a number of options in the PS Vita's firmware that allow parents to have control over what their kids are seeing and playing. Here's what they are and how to set them up.
A Guide to Jak and Daxter on PSP
All the games in the Jak and Daxter series, showing where the PSP titles fit in.
Party Game
A definition of the party game genre on PSP and other platforms.
PS Vita vs 3DS: Which Will be Best for Kids?
The PS Vita is compared to the Nintendo 3DS on the basis of kid-friendliness.
How To Browse the Web on a PSP (With Firmware...
PSP firmware since version 2.00 has included a web browser. It's simple to use, but takes getting used to. Surf the net on your PlaysStation Portable!
How Important Is Social Networking on the PS Vita
Sony is betting that social networking will be big on the PS Vita.
Using the Party App for PS Vita
One of the apps included with the PS Vita is a social media thing called Party. Here's what it does and how to use it.
Nyko PS Vita Power Grip Review & Rating
Nyko's Power Grip accessory for PS Vita extends battery life and gives you a comfortable grip.
A definition of the PSP's Infrastructure mode.
A definition of the term USB as it applies to PSP.
Intu-Aim and Other PS Vita Controls
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Intu-Aim On the
Augmented Reality
An explanation of the term Augmented Reality, with examples on PSP.
A Parent's Guide to the PS Vita
A guide to the Sony PS Vita, intended primarily for parents of young gamers.
PlayStation Portable
The PlayStation Portable, or PSP, is Sony's handheld gaming console.
Games for Kids: PS Vita vs. LeapPad
A comparison of what the PS Vita and LeapFrog's LeapPad have to offer kids.
An explanation of the term freeware as it applies to downloading and playing games on PSP.
'7 Wonders of the Ancient World' Review (PSP)
7 Wonders of the Ancient World is a casual/puzzle game of the Match-3 variety.
The Sale of M-Rated Games to Minors
A FAQ about the sale of M-rated games to minors.
LEGO Batman The Game
Profile of the PSP game LEGO Batman The Game, including developer, publisher, release date, rating, and more.
PSP Interactions and Connections
While the PSP is a great device all on its own, you can also connect it to an assortment of other devices to expand its capabilities.
Cube is a simple, yet mind-bending puzzle game from D3 Publisher.
The Fast and the Furious
Profile of the PSP game The Fast and the Furious, including developer, publisher, release date, rating, and more.
Firmware refers to system software. PSP Firmware is the system software used by Sony's PlayStation Portable.
Voice Chat
A definition of voice chat in PSP games.
Explaining the term GPS on the PS Vita and PSP.
PSP Video - Anime on UMD for PSP
Want to know what anime is available on UMD for viewing on your PSP? Check this guide for titles, publishers, reviews and more.
Sony PS Vita (aka NGP or PSP2) Images
Images of the Sony PS Vita (aka NGP or PSP2) from all angles.
Is PSP Homebrew Programming Good or Evil?
The PlayStation Portable has an active homebrew community, despite Sony's attempts to block out hacking with firmware updates. In this article, we look at both sides of the PSP homebrew issue: does it do the platform good, or is it an evil in the gaming industry?
System Update
To do a system update is to download and install newer firmware on the PSP.
Live Area: The PS Vita's User Interface
The PS Vita doesn't use the XMB or cross-media bar like the PSP or PS3.
Can I Play PSOne Classics on a PS Vita?
One of the early promises for the PS Vita was that it would play PSOne Classics games, like the PSP did. But has it lived up to that promise?
PSP Accessories I Actually Use
These are the PSP accessories--for PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 models--that your Guide to PSP actually uses.
Sony's PlayStation Portable and Milton...
Sony's PlayStation Portable and Milton Bradley's Microvision: The PSP and the History of Handheld Video Gaming Part 2 - Milton Bradley's Microvision was the first handheld game system with interchangeable game media, but that's not all it has in common with the PSP.
How To Read Comics and Zines on a PSP
Reading comics and zines on a PSP is as easy as viewing photos -- in fact, it's the same process. Once you know how, you'll be able to read all kinds of PSP-compatible comics and zines.
'Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive' Profile (PSP)
Profile of the PSP game Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Drive, including developer, publisher, release date, rating, and more.
How to Choose PSP Games for Kids 10 and Under
Learn about PSP games for kids, and how to choose PSP games for kids 10 and under.
'Ben 10 Galactic Racing' Profile (PS Vita)
Ben 10 Galactic Racing brings the alien-fighting kid to the PS Vita.
Scary PSP Games for Halloween
If you're a gamer, you might be more interested in playing games than eating candy on Halloween (or maybe you do both). Here are some great scary games for Halloween gaming horror.
The PSP, or PlayStation Portable, is Sony's handheld gaming console.
3 Great PSP Accessories for Kids
A list of three great PSP accessories for kids, with links to full articles.
Sony's PlayStation Portable and Nintendo's Game...
Sony's PlayStation Portable and Nintendo's Game Boy: The PSP and the History of Handheld Video Gaming Part 4 - Nintendo's Game Boy was the first hit handheld system and paved the way for others to come, including the PSP.
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact PSP...
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact - a screenshot from the PSP game. Page 16.
What Comes in the PSP Core Pack?
The PSP has come in a variety of different Packs over the years. Here's what you get in a PSP Core Pack.
PSP / PlayStation Portable Firmware Version 6.0
Profile of PSP (PlayStation Portable) firmware version 6.0, including 6.00
The PSP and the History of Handheld Video Gaming
The PSP and the History of Handheld Video Gaming: Introduction - The PlayStation Portable is only one of the latest in a long line of handheld video game consoles. See how the PSP derives its features from videogame history.
Downloadable Game Prices: Do Digitally...
Sony is moving towards digital distribution, and aims for downloadable games to cost the same as games on physical media. Is this fair, or are consumers getting ripped off? Page 2.
Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Review
Visit Their Website Thanks to Sony Ericsson's Canadian PR rep, I was able to try out an Xperia Play for
How do the PSP's Parental Controls Work?
An explanation of the PSP Security Setting, Parental Controls.
Survival Horror
A glossary definition of the Survival Horror genre of video game.
Xperia Play Specifications
Hardware specifications for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play smartphone, aka the PSP Phone.
The term PSP-1000 refers to the original PSP model series.
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
A review of the PSOne Classic, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature on PSP.
5 Great Multiplayer PSP Games for Kids
A list of five great multiplayer and online games for kids on PSP.
Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade
Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade was a launch title for the PSP, and though it's showing its age, it's still a pretty solid RPG experience.
Arcade Game
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Definition : In
"Aces of War" Profile (PSP)
Profile of the PSP game Aces of War, including developer, publisher, release date, rating, and more.
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