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How to Use Your PSP as an E-Reader


There's no e-reader application for the PSP, at least not officially, but with the right conversion software, you can use the PSP's ability to view images to turn your PSP into an e-reader. And with so many copyright-free books available for download from sites like Project Gutenberg, you'll never be without something to read. You can even convert digital game manuals to PSP-readable files to take on the go. (Thanks to reader Greg Belland for the idea behind this article.)
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: varies depending on conversion software

Here's How:

  1. Find the appropriate software for your computer. Text-to-jpeg and pdf-to-jpeg converters will be most useful. Try PSP Ebook Creator (PC), PDF2PSP (Mac), or Jpegbook (PC or Mac--didn't work for me on Mac, but apparently works well on PC--website in Japanese). Make sure to download from a trusted source.
  2. Find a book you want to read. If you're using a text-to-jpeg converter, try copyright-free book sites like Project Gutenberg, where you can download books as text files. For pdf-to-jpeg converters, you'll either need a book in pdf format, or you'll need to convert to pdf first. Adobe Acrobat can convert many file formats, including text and html, into pdfs. The advantage of pdf over txt files is that they can include images.
  3. Open your conversion software on your computer and use to convert your txt or pdf files to jpeg format. Most converters designed to create files for PSP will save the output as a series of consecutively numbered files in a folder.
  4. Save the output folder to your PSP. If you need help with this step see the tutorial How to Transfer Files to a PSP Memory Stick.
  5. Once the files are on your PSP, you can read your e-book by navigating the PSP's menus to the Photo menu, then select Memory Stick, then the folder containing your files. Select the first image file, then move back and forth through the e-book using the PSP's shoulder buttons.


  1. You can also create PSP e-books from books you own by scanning them and saving them as jpegs 480 pixels wide (PSP screen width).
  2. For pages (individual image files) that are too long to fit the PSP's screen, use the analog stick to scroll down.
  3. You can use the same commands for other types of images to zoom in or out on your ebook pages (press the triangle button to see the options).

What You Need

  • any model PSP
  • PC or Mac computer
  • txt-to-jpeg or pdf-to-jpeg conversion software
  • memory stick
  • txt or pdf format book file
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