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Entertain Dome

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Entertain Dome

Entertain Dome

Gil & Razlo

The Bottom Line

Entertain Dome was, I think, the second PSP-formatted comic I tried, and if it had been the first, I might not have bothered to look at any more. That isn't to say it truly sucks -- I'm sure there is an audience for this strip, and that audience probably loves it and thinks people like me are morons. But . . . I'm definitely not that audience. The art isn't too bad, really, but the humor is base (and sometimes downright offensive), and the writing of the jokes only so-so.


  • Comments on contemporary popular culture.
  • Full color!


  • Not really well-formatted for PSP viewing.
  • Gags won't be appealing for everyone.


  • Title: Entertain Dome
  • Writer: Gil & Razlo
  • Artist: Gil & Razlo

Guide Review - Entertain Dome

Entertain Dome seems to be trying to do for the entertainment industry what Penny Arcade does for the gaming industry. That is, to make fun of it but also pay homage. But Penny Arcade is funny, and Entertain Dome just isn't (though I will admit that some audiences will probably find it hilarious).

The Art

The art, as I mentioned, isn't too bad. It can be quite appealing at times, though it can also be mediocre. In other words, it serves its purpose, but it doesn't really do any more than that. The art alone would not get me to read this (and yes, there have been comics I've read purely for the art).

The Humor

It just isn't my kind of humor, as I mentioned, and since I can usually enjoy a pretty broad spectrum of humor, I don't really know whose kind of funny this is. It isn't that I don't get the jokes. I do. I can see what the creators are trying to do, I just don't think they really succeed. Plus, there's something to offend just about anyone here. Maybe it's a failing in me, that I don't find this funny. Or maybe it's a boy thing (as in I'm not one).

The Technical Stuff

Although this comic is downloadable from PSP Magazines in a PSP-formatted package, most of the strips don't really read well on the PSP screen. They have to be zoomed and navigated around with the arrow controls. There were even a few I couldn't read at all on the PSP -- I finally had to look at them my PC.

My advice is, if you're going to read Entertain Dome at all, do it online on your computer.

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