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What Comes in the PSP Core Pack?


PSP-1000 Piano Black

PSP-1000 Piano Black

Question: What Comes in the PSP Core Pack?

All PSP models are or were available in a basic package called the "Core Pack" (sometimes also referred to as the "Standard Pack.") This pack contains the same contents for all three models, though the PSP-1000 also included a printed manual when first released. The PSPgo Core pack does not include a separate battery pack, as the battery is not user-replaceable.

  • PSP hardware in Piano Black (PSP-1000, 2000, 3000 and PSPgo), in Ceramic White (PSP-1000 in Japan), or in Pearl White (PSPgo)
  • AC adapter and power cord
  • battery pack
In Japan, a number of other colors have been offered. For example, the PSP-3000 comes in a variety of "Carnival Colors."

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