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PSP & PS Vita Utility Software

A number of software developers have made utilities for managing and downloading files for your PSP / PS Vita. Find out which are the useful ones.

PS Vita Launch Apps
The PS Vita will come pre-loaded with a slew of apps for music, social networking and more. Here's what you'll find when you first turn you new PS Vita on.

PS Vita Downloadable Apps
While the PS Vita will come with certain basic apps pre-loaded there will also be other apps available for download from the day of the handheld's launch.

Content Manager for PS Vita
Gone is ability to drag-and-drop files like the PSP had. Instead, the PS Vita will require a piece of software called Content Manager to transfer media.

Using the Party App for PS Vita
Find out how to use this social media app for PS Vita.

Using the PS Vita's Near App
Near for PS Vita shows you what other PS Vita users are around, based on your location data.

How to Manage Your Friends on PS Vita
See what all your PSN friends are up to via the PS Vita's Friends app.

How Important Is Social Networking on the PS Vita?
Sony is packing in all kind of goodies to make social networking easy on the PS Vita, but how useful will they actually be?

PSP Utility Software
You can transfer files between your computer and your PSP with just a USB cable, if you know how the files are organized. Or you can use software that will synch your PSP for you. Here are some options.

How Do You Sync Your PSP?
Do you drag and drop to folders on your PSP from your computer, or do you have software to sync your files for you? Share your methods.

Sony Media Go Review
Media Go is Sony's own synch utility software for the PSP and other Sony devices. I review it here.

Set Up Sony Media Go for PSP Downloads
SonyMedia Go for PSP is a free program for PC that lets you manage your PSP downloads, syncs your PSP with the content you want, and makes downloading from the PlayStation Store simple. Here's how to set up Sony Media Go for PSP.

What is Trend Micro Kids Safety for PSP?
What is Trend Micro Kids Safety for PSP? Find out here.

How to Install Trend Micro Kids Safety for PSP
Learn how to set up this parental control program for internet browsing on the PSP.

Skype: From PSP to PS Vita
A comparison of Skype for PSP and the version that will likely be on the new PS Vita, with info for parents.

Use the PlayStation Store for PC to Download to a PSP
Sony PSP Media Manager for PSP makes downloading from the PlayStation Store for PC simple. Here's how to use it.

Set Up Sony PSP Media Manager
Sony PSP Media Manager has been replaced by Media Go, but just in case you still need to set it up, I've left this article intact.

Sony Media Go for PSP
Media Go is Sony's official PSP download and management software for PC (replacing Media Manager). It's free and will allow you to access to PlayStation Store via your PC. (It's PC-only, though; no Mac version yet.)

PSP Software at VersionTracker
Macintosh users may want to check here for shareware and freeware PSP utility software.

PSP Software at downloadatoz.com
Browse through the most popular shareware and freeware for converting, managing, and downloading files for viewing or listening on PSP.

PSPWare is one of the most popular PSP utility software programs, and it's available for both PC and Macintosh.

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