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How to Take Photos and Videos with a PS Vita

Working With Images on Your Sony Handheld


PS Vita Photos Icon

PS Vita Photos Icon


The PS Vita comes equipped with both front and rear cameras, and both can be used for taking photos and videos. The Photo app also allows you to view photos in a variety of formats (including GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP and PNG), and videos that were made with the Photo app (to view other kinds of video, you can use the Video app). In the sections below, you'll learn how to use the Photo app to take images, view images, modify images, and share images.

Taking Photos and Videos

To take a photo with either the front or rear camera, open the Photo app on your PS Vita. Make sure "shooting mode" is selected (it's the top left icon, and if it's in viewing mode, you'll see a series of thumbnails; if it's in shooting mode, you'll see whatever your camera is picking up). To switch between cameras, tap the icon on the right side, second one down, that looks like two cameras back-to back.

To take a still image, make sure the second-from-bottom right-hand icon looks like a camera, frame your shot, then tap the shutter button (bottom right icon). For a video, tap the second-from-bottom right-hand button so it switches to a videocamera icon, frame your shot, and tap the bottom right icon which should look like a grey circle with a red dot in it. To stop recording, tap the bottom right button again (the red dot will have changed to a grey square while recording).

You can also change the size of your image by tapping the second button down on the left (it looks sort of like a frame).

Viewing Photos and Videos

To view the photos and videos stored on your PS Vita, open the Photos app. Tap the "shooting mode" icon (it's the one that looks like a camera or like a rectangle with a triangle in it, depending on which mode it's in, located on the top left of the screen) to switch to viewing mode. You'll see a series of thumbnails of your photos. Tap one to view it full-screen. The operation icons will be overlaid on the photo for a few seconds (delete, slideshow, back, and next for photos; and progress bar, play, and pause for videos), and will then disappear. Tap the screen to make them visible again if you need them. Remember that only videos made with the Photo app will be playable--to view other videos, use the Video app)

To zoom in on a photo, you can either double-tap the screen--and the point where you tap will become the center point of the zoomed-in image--or by pinching out (put two fingers on the screen and pull them apart). To zoom back out, double-tap again, or pinch (put two fingers on the screen and pinch them together).

If your PS Vita is connected to a PS3 or PC, you can also use it to view photos stored on those other machines. You should see "PS3 System" or "PC" in the list of categories. You can view photos without copying them over by selecting the appropriate system. For videos, you'll need to copy them over first. Tap "options" and select "copy."

Modifying Photos and Videos

There isn't a lot of modification you can do to a photo with the Photos app, but you can make a couple of tweaks. You can add location data to your photo's metadata by tapping the top right button, which looks like a satellite. If you have a wi-fi only system, you'll need to be connected to a wi-fi hotspot--the system will use the hotspot's location to determine where you are. If you have a 3G model, the system will use wi-fi hotspots, celltowers and GPS satellites to determine your location. The icon will turn green when it determines your location, and will then add that data to any photographs you shoot until you turn it off.

To crop a photo, open the photo in the viewer (as described above), full-screen. Then tap "options" and select "trim and save." Use the frame by dragging the corners and edges to select the portion of the photo you want to keep, then tap "trim and save." If you change your mind, tap "cancel."

Finally, you can choose to set a photo as your background image on your PS Vita's start screen. To do that, open the photo in the viewer, and tap "options" then select "use as start screen."

Sharing Photos and Videos

You can share your photos with friends by opening them in the viewer, tapping "options" and then selecting "send by group messaging." This will use the Group Messaging app to send the photo to anyone you select who can currently be contacted via that app. Some other social networking apps can also be used to share photos and videos.

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