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PSP & PS Vita Photos and Video

Want to show your mom your latest snapshots on your PSP or PS Vita, or share some home video footage with your co-workers? How about using your PlayStation handheld as a super-portable portfolio of your art work?

How to Take Photos and Videos with a PS Vita
Here's how to create and work with still and video images on your PS Vita.

How to Transfer Photos to a PSP
Transferring photos and other image files to your PSP is simple, once you know how. Then you can use your PlayStation Portable to show off your snapshots anytime, anywhere.

Transfer Video to a PSP Memory Stick (Current Firmware)
Learn how to tranfer video files to a PSP Memory Stick--this version is for current and recent firmwares.

How to Transfer Video to a PSP (Older Firmware)
If you're still running older firmware on your PSP, the file structure on your memory stick needs to be different than for current firmware--this tutorial will take you though the process for transferring video for older firmware versions.

Hagiwara Sys-Com Easy Recorder 2 Overview
The Easy Recorder 2 from Hagiwara Sys-Com is a stand alone memory stick recorder that lets you record video to a Memory Stick Duo for playback on a PSP, Video iPod, or computer.

Easy Recorder 2 Full Review
An in-depth review of Hagiwara Sys-Com's Easy Recorder 2 memory stick recorder for PSP video recording.

Easy Recorder 2 Image Gallery
4 images

Playback of Video on PSP
Here are Memorystick.com's instructions for transferring video to a PSP memory stick and playing it back.

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