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Definition: The PlayStation Portable, or PSP, is a handheld gaming console made by Sony. It was released in 2004 in Japan, and in 2005 in Europe and North America.

The PlayStation Portable is primarily a game console (PlayStation Portable games come in UMD, or Universal Media Disc, format), but it can also play UMD-format movies. Using a memory stick, the PlayStation Portable can play music and video files, and display picture files such as photos. This portable console can also connect to the internet via a web browser (not incuded in early firmware releases) and built-in wi-fi.

Since its release, the PlayStation Portable has had two hardware revisions, each adding or updating features. The first PlayStation Portable model, the PSP-1000 (also known as the PSP Fat or PSP Phat) was already a powerful handheld console, but the second PlayStation Portable model (the PSP-2000, PSP Slim, or PSP Slim and Lite) added even more features, including a video-out port. The third version of the PlayStation Portable hardware, the PSP-3000 (or PSP Brite), added a brighter screen.

Pronunciation: play-stay-shun port-uh-buhl
Also Known As: PSP
Common Misspellings: Play Station Portable
The PlayStation Portable has the biggest screen of any handheld game console.
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