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Definition: The SixAxis system is Sony's motion-sensing technology that debuted in the first PS3 controllers. SixAxis devices use a gyroscope with 3 axes for sensing pitch, tilt, and yaw--basically, the orientation of the device in space--and a 3-axis accelerometer that registers the device's movement on the X, Y, or Z planes. It is this technology that makes motion-sensing games and applications possible.

The SixAxis PS3 controller could be registered for use with the PSP Go system if you first hooked it up to a PS3 via the USB cable. More recently, the PS Vita has been confirmed as featuring the Six-Axis motion sensing system.

Pronunciation: sicks-ack-sis

Also Known As: Six-Axis


It was thought that a rumble feature would interfere with the SixAxis motion system, but rumble was eventually integrated into SixAxis controllers.

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