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PSP & PS Vita Games and Hardware for Kids

While the PSP and PS Vita are marketed mainly for adults, and consequently have mostly teen and higher rated games, there are suitable title for kids. There are also ways to make sure your child's expensive toy stays in good working shape.

A Parent's Guide to the PS Vita
A guide to the Sony PS Vita, intended primarily for parents of young gamers.

3 Things Parents Will Love About the PS Vita
Some facts about the PS Vita that make it an appealing choice for parents and children.

Top 3 Competitors for the PS Vita
A list of the PS Vita's top 3 competitors, with comparisons to each.

Games for Kids: PS Vita vs. LeapPad
A comparison of what the PS Vita and LeapFrog's LeapPad have to offer kids.

How to Use the Parental Controls on the PS Vita
The PS Vita has a more refined parental control system than the PSP did. Here are the options parents have.

The PSP E-1000: A Good Buy for Kids?
Is the new PSP-E1000 model a better pick for kids? Find out here.

The Best Age to Buy Your Child a PSP/PS Vita?
A discussion about the best age for kids to start playing Sony's portable systems.

Users Answer: What is the Best Age to Buy Your Child a PSP or PS Vita?
Readers answer the question of the best age to buy a child a PSP or PS Vita game console.

Choosing the Best PSP for a Young Gamer
Learn about the different models of the PSP hardware and find out how to choose the best PSP for kids.

Best PSP Bundles for Kids
Our PSP for Kids expert picks 5 kid-friendly PSP bundles.

3 Great, but Little-Known Kids' Games Heading to PS Vita
Three games that kids should play on the PS Vita, even if they won't be that popular.

3 Great Kids' Games Yet to Come to PSP
A list of 3 great PSP games to be released before the end of 2011.

3 Easy Tips for Extending the Life of Your Child's PSP
Three easy ways to keep your child's PSP system in perfect working order.

How to Do Research Before Buying a PSP Game
Help with doing research on PSP games before buying them.

What is the ESA?
Information for parents regarding the ESA and their relation to game piracy on PSP.

What Parents Should Know About Game Demos
Information for parents about PSP game demos.

Skill-Building Games for Kids on PSP
Examining the game LittleBigPlanet and how it can help develop game programming and design skills in children.

3 Lesser-Known (but Good) Action Games for Kids on PSP
A list of 3 good, lesser-known action games for kids on PSP.

Recommended PSP Game Demos for Kids
A list of PSP game demos recommended for kids, with info for finding other good demos on the web.

Great PSP Games for Kids
Here are some games that kids will find fun and parents won't be dismayed by.

How to Choose PSP Games for Kids 10 and Under
Learn about PSP games for kids, and how to choose PSP games for kids 10 and under.

5 Great Multiplayer PSP Games for Kids
A list of five great multiplayer and online games for kids on PSP.

Top 5 Kid-Friendly Role-Playing Games on PSP
RPGs are about heroism and are often quite long, giving you good value for the money and making many of them a good choice for kids.

PSP Games That are Good for Kids' Brains - And Fun, Too!
These are some of the most fun, yet educational, "brain-training" games for kids on PSP.

3 PSP Games Never to Buy for a Child
A list of the 3 worst games for kids on PSP.

How to Set Healthy Limits on PSP Gaming
An article addressing ways to keep your child's PSP gaming habits healthy.

3 More PSP Games Never to Buy For a Child
A second list of the worst PSP games to let a child play.

Get Girls Gaming With PSP
Ideas for getting girls interested in video games on the PSP.

Enjoying PSP Games with your Kids
Here's how parents can enjoy PSP games with their children, even if they wouldn't call themselves gamers.

3 Great PSP Accessories for Kids
A list of three great PSP accessories for kids, with links to full articles.

PSP Tech That Kids Will Love: Augmented Reality
An article discussing the use of AR technology on the PSP, from a kid-centric perspective.

PSP Tech That Kids Will Love: GPS
An article about the PSP-290 GPS receiver for parents of kids with PSPs.

PSP Tech That Kids Will Love: Car Adapter
An article about the PSP Car Adapter.

3 PSP Accessories You Should Avoid
Here are 3 accessories you won't want to buy for your PSP.

How do the PSP's Parental Controls Work?
An explanation of the PSP Security Setting, Parental Controls.

What is Trend Micro Kids Safety for PSP?
What is Trend Micro Kids Safety for PSP? Find out here.

How to Install Trend Micro Kids Safety for PSP
Learn how to set up this parental control program for internet browsing on the PSP.

AllClear ID Plus Info for Parents
Information for parents about insuring their children on the PlayStation Network.

How to Create a PlayStation Network Account
Instructions for creating a PlayStation Network account, for yourself or for your children.

What do the ESRB's Content Descriptors Mean?
An article with links to information on the ESRB's rating system and content descriptors.

The Sale of M-Rated Games to Minors
A FAQ about the sale of M-rated games to minors.

What is the ESRB's "AO" Rating?
A FAQ about the ESRB's AO rating.

What The ESRB's "RP" Rating Means to Parents
A bit of information regarding the ESRB's RP rating for video games.

Are There Adult UMD Videos on PSP?
Could your kids be watching x-rated movies on PSP?

How Kid-Friendly Will the NGP Be?
An article discussing Sony's NGP, also known as PSP2, and whether or not you should purchase one for your child.

NGP vs 3DS: Which Will be Best for Kids?
The NGP is compared to the Nintendo 3DS on the basis of kid-friendliness.

What Parents Should Know About Online Interactions on the PSP
Some information about different ways to keep kids safe online on the PSP.

PSP Games with Voice Chat
A list of PSP games that use the microphone for voice chat.

List of PSP Games With Gamesharing
A quick reference list of PSP titles with Gamesharing.

PSP Themes and Your Kids
A guide for parents that discusses which PSP Themes and Wallpapers aren't appropriate for children.

3 Kinds of Legal (and Illegal) Software for PSP
A description for parents of the free software available for hacked PSPs, and whether each kind is legal or not.

The Dangers of Letting Kids Hack their PSPs
A look at the risks (and rewards) of letting kids hack their PSPs.

The Advantages of Letting Kids Hack Their PSPs
Some positive aspects of letting kids hack the PSP.

PSP / PS Vita for Kids
The PSP and PS Vita can be great handhelds for kids, but there are different considerations than there are with an adult gamer.

Mega Man: Powered Up Review
A review of Mega Man: Powered Up on PSP, with a focus on younger players.

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