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Here's where I answer all your PSP and PS Vita questions. Don't see a question here that you want answered? Drop me a line with your question, and I'll see if I can find the answer.
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What is a PSP / PlayStation Portable?
What is a PSP? Sony's PlayStation Portable is a powerful handheld gaming console, but what can it do? Seemingly everything.

What's in the PSP Box?
What accessories come with the PlayStation Portable? How is the Giga Pack different from the Value Pack or the Core System PSP?

What File Formats Can a PSP Play?
The PSP is a versatile device, but it can't play every file format out there. Find out which music, video and image formats the PSP can play.

Can I Output my PSP to my TV?
Can I output my PSP games and movies to a Sony HDTV or other television?

What Kind of Games Can I Download for the PS Vita?
There are a number of different kinds of games that you can download for the PS Vita.

Can I Play PSOne Classics on a PS Vita?
A firmware update added PSOne Classics support to the PS Vita, but that doesn't mean it can play all of them.

Where Can I Get Free PSP Demos?
Here is a list of places to find free PSP game demos.

Where Can I Get Cheats for PSP Games?
Need cheats for PSP games? Can't figure out how to enter the cheat codes you've got? We can help.

What Is PlayStation Mobile?
Is it an App Store for PlayStation-certified devices? Well, kind of.

What is Homebrew?
Homebrew is a term that refers to home-made programming and software. Despite Sony's security measures on PlayStation Portable firmware, there is a thriving PSP homebrew community.

How do the PSP's Parental Controls Work?
An explanation of the PSP Security Setting called Parental Controls.

Where Can I See a Release Schedule for PSP Games?
A FAQ linking to the best sources for PSP game release dates.

5 Questions about UMD Movies
The most up-to-date information about movies on Universal Media Disc (UMD) for PSP.

Are There Adult UMD Videos on PSP?
Could your kids be watching x-rated movies on PSP?

What is Trend Micro Kids Safety for PSP?
What is Trend Micro Kids Safety for PSP? Find out here.

What is the ESA?
Information for parents regarding the ESA and their relation to game piracy on PSP.

What do the ESRB's Content Descriptors Mean?
An article with links to information on the ESRB's rating system and content descriptors.

What is the ESRB's "AO" Rating?
A FAQ about the ESRB's AO rating.

The Sale of M-Rated Games to Minors
A FAQ about the sale of M-rated games to minors.

Where Can I Find a PSP Games Download?
It's all very fine to go out and buy games on disc, but what if you can't get to the store? As long as you have an internet connection, you can find a PSP games download. Here are some places to look.

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