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What's in the Box - Unboxing the PS Vita


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The Back of the Box
PS Vita Box Back

PS Vita Box Back

Niko Silvester

On the back of the box, you'll find a bunch more important and/or useful information. First of all, you may notice that this particular box has French and well as English--that's because I'm in Canada. Aside from that, all North American boxes should have the same information.

The most essential information is this: the box contents, and the region. The contents are listed right under the pretty pictures and let you know that you should find a PS Vita, a USB cable, an AC adaptor, a power cord for the AC adaptor, and some printed materials. If you're missing anything that is listed on your box, take it back to the store immediately, or contact PlayStation Support. The region is shown at the bottom right--it's the black icon with a globe and a number. In this case, the system is region 1, which is North America. That means this PS Vita will only play region 1 and region-free games (alas, unlike the PSP, the PS Vita is not region-free).

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