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Everything You Need to Know About Sony's PlayStation Vita


PS Vita

PS Vita


Sony's shiny new handheld (I refuse to call it "next-gen") the PS Vita is now out. At lot of information has been coming out in bits and pieces about exactly what this new little PlayStation is capable of, and I though it would be useful to collect it all in one place. I will be updating this article as more information comes out, and as I processing already-released information into articles, so do check back from time to time (or keep an eye on the main page blog, or my Twitter feed @aboutpsp). I already have plans for articles on navigation, downloadable games, and more.

What Is the PS Vita?

The short answer to that question is, obviously, that the PS Vita is the latest portable PlayStation and the successor to the PSP. A somewhat longer answer is that it's a pocket-sized (if you have big pockets) multimedia device that is primarily for playing games, but which can also play music and movies, browse the web, and keep you connected to your social networks. For more essential information on what the PlayStation Vita is and what is can do, see the following articles.

Is The PS Vita Good for Kids?

Whether or not you want to give a pricey new handheld to your kids probably depends on your kids and your budget, but there are certain things to consider before you lay out the cash to give your little ones a PS Vita of their own.

Games for PS Vita

Whatever else the PS Vita can do, as gamers it's the games we care about. But rest easy; not only do games look incredible, but the list of titles is pretty near mind-blowing, especially if you compare it to the PSP's launch list.

Non-Game Software for PS Vita

Aside from games, the PS Vita will have an array of other kinds of software available. A lot of it is focussed on social networking, but you can probably expect productivity software and other kinds of apps to appear, too, once the PS Vita finds its legs, so to speak.

Accessories for the PS Vita

While the PS Vita and some games are all you really need, there are some nice add-ons to help protect your investment.

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