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PSP & PS Vita Basics

Find out how the basic functions of the PlayStation Portable and PS Vita work. Learn to charge the PSP's battery, change the date and time, add wallpaper, and more.
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Sony PS Vita News From E3 2012
Find what was announced for the PSP and PS Vita at E3 2012.

PS Vita E3 2012 News and Announcements
What companies other than Sony showed at E3 2012 for the PS Vita.

More PS Vita E3 2012 Updates and Announcements
Further updates and announcements from non-Sony publishers.

Complete Guide to the PS Vita
Here's everything you need to know about the PS Vita, regularly updated to include new information and more detail.

Unboxing the PS Vita
Want to know what's in the PS Vita Wi-Fi model box before you buy it? Come along as I unpack mine.

How To Customize Your PS Vita Home Screen
Make your PS Vita your own by adding wallpaper and rearranging the icons to your liking.

How to Clean Your PS Vita's Touchscreen
There's a good way to clean a touchscreen, and then there's a better way (that you can also use for camera lenses, glasses, and other delicate surfaces).

How to Use the PS Vita's On-Screen Keyboard
Entering text on the PS Vita is as simple as tapping on a touch-screen keyboard, but there are a few quirks and options you should know about.

Using the PlayStation Store on a PS Vita
If you've accessed the PlayStation Store from a PSP or PS3, you'll find this familiar, but there are a few quirks on the PS Vita.

How to Manage Your Friends on PS Vita
Make friends on the PlayStation Network via the Friends app for PS Vita.

Trophies on the PS Vita
Both the PS Vita and PS3 have game trophies, and you can view and share them across systems. Here's how.

The Biggest PSP Events of 2011
Here's a look back at 2011 and the biggest headlines for the PSP.

What is a PSP / PlayStation Portable?
What is a PSP? Sony's PlayStation Portable is a powerful handheld gaming console, but what can it do? Seemingly everything.

PSP Buyer's Guide
Once you've decided to buy a PSP, there are some things you should probably know before shelling out a handful of cash, such as which model to buy and if you should get a bundle or a core pack.

5 Things the PSP Did Right
We love the PSP, but it's far from perfect. Still, it did get somethings right--or at least really close to right.

3 Myths About the PSP Debunked
An article examining a few rumors and myths about the PSP.

Game Advisory Panels from Around the World
Explaining the differences between the American, European, and Japanese game advisory boards.

What's in the PSP Box?
What accessories come with the PlayStation Portable? How is the Giga Pack different from the Value Pack or the Core System PSP?

Using the PSP Home Menu
Using the PSP's home menu can be a bit confusing at first, but all you need is to know how it works, before you're using the home menu like a pro.

Live Area: The PS Vita's User Interface
Unlike the PSP or PS3, the PS Vita uses a touchscreen user interface.

How Do I Update My PSP Firmware?
There are three different ways to update the firmware on your PSP. Here's how to do them all.

Skype: From PSP to PS Vita
A comparison of Skype for PSP and the version that will likely be on the new PS Vita, with info for parents.

How do the PSP's Parental Controls Work?
An explanation of the PSP Security Setting, Parental Controls.

Transfer Files to a PSP Memory Stick (Newer Firmwares)
It's not difficult to transfer files such as photos and music to your PSP; once you know how you'll be able to do it quickly and easily. Then you can listen to your tunes or show off your photos wherever you go, whenever you want. This tutorial is for recent firmware versions.

How to Install and Use Skype for PSP
Instructions for installing and running Skype on your PSP.

5 Things to Do With Your PSP Besides Play Games
Sure, the PSP is a great gaming machine, but you can do lots of other things with Sony's portable PlayStation. Play movies, listen to music, view photos, surf the web, and more. See what else your PSP can do!

How to Find out Which Firmware Version a PSP Has
Finding out which version of the PSP firmware your PlayStation Portable is running is simple. Just follow this step-by-step.

What File Formats Can a PSP Play?
The PSP is a versatile device, but it can't play every file format out there. Find out which music, video and image formats the PSP can play.

How to Transfer Files to a PSP
It's not difficult to transfer files such as photos and music to your PSP; once you know how you'll be able to do it quickly and easily. Then you can listen to your tunes or show off your photos wherever you go, whenever you want.

Read Comics and Zines on a PSP
Reading comics and zines on a PSP is as easy as viewing photos -- in fact, it's the same process. Once you know how, you'll be able to read all kinds of PSP-compatible comics and zines.

PSP Interactions and Connections
Connect your PSP to other devices and extend what it's capable of.

How to Set Up Remote Play for your PSP and PS3
Did you know you can access your PS3 using your PSP? Whether you want to use your PSP as a remote control while playing music on your PS3, or you want to play the games located on your PS3 with your PSP, you'll want to set up Remote Play.

Remote Play on the PS Vita and PS3
Access your PS3's content using your PS Vita, either within range of your home Wi-Fi, or long distance over the Internet.

The Biggest PSP Events of 2010

Was 2010 the Year of the PSP? Let's have a look at the headlines and see.

The Biggest PSP Events of 2009
Here, in chronological order, are the big headlines from the year Sony wanted to call "The Year of the PSP."

PSP Manuals
PlayStation.com has manuals available online and for download in pdf format for many versions of the firmware, so if you update your firmware you can update your manual, too.

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