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Take PSP & PS Vita Online

Take your PSP or PS Vita online! You can browse the web or challenge your friends to play an online game. Portable gaming doesn't have to be a solo thing.
  1. PSP Optimized Websites (7)

Using the PlayStation Store on a PS Vita
Download games, demos and more from the PlayStation Store right on your PS Vita.

How to Browse the Web on a PS Vita
Get online and browse the web with your PS Vita. The built-in browser app is simple to use once you know how.

How to Browse the Web on a PSP (Firmware Version 2.00 or Higher)
PSP firmware from version 2.00 and up includes a web browser. It's simple to use, but takes getting used to. Surf the net on your PlayStation Portable!

How to Create a PlayStation Network Account
Instructions for creating a Playstation Network account, for yourself or for your children.

What Parents Should Know About Online Interactions on the PSP
Some information about different ways to keep kids safe online on the PSP.

AllClear ID Plus Info for Parents
Information for parents about insuring their children on the PlayStation Network.

PSP Web Browser
PSP Web Browser is a site that gives you a personalized web portal through which you can access PDA-like applications for your PSP. It includes a calculator, calendar, memo pad and more, plus access to web news sites. Sign up on your computer's web browser first, then access the site with your PSP.

PSP Online With Dialup
If you haven't got a wireless network at home, and you don't even have a broadband connection, it is still possible to get online with your PSP. This article from TechLore tells you how.

Web Browsing pre-2.0
Before firmware update 2.0, there was a workaround for getting online using a copy of the game Wipeout Pure. This article explains how it worked.

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