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PSP & PS Vita Movies & UMDs

Are UMD-format movies worth buying to watch on your PlayStation Portable? What if you want to watch movies you own on DVD? Find reviews, previews and instructions for watching movies on your PSP and PS Vita.

Watch PSP UMD Movies on Your TV
When it first came out, UMDs were said to have "DVD quality" video, though you couldn't watch them on anything but a PSP. Now, using a PSP's video out function, you can watch UMD movies on your tv. Here's how.

Anime on UMD
Want to know what anime is available on UMD for viewing on your PSP? Check this guide for titles, publishers, reviews and more.

5 Fast Facts about UMD Movies
The most up-to-date information about movies on Universal Media Disc (UMD) for PSP.

Are There Adult UMD Videos on PSP?
FAQ: Could your kids be watching x-rated movies on PSP?

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Review (UMD)
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children on UMD for PSP is a gorgeous cgi movie that will delight FF fans but alienate non-fans.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Review (UMD)
Final Fantasy The Spirits Within should never have been hampered by the FF name; it stands up to any recent SF movie and really has nothing to do with the FF games.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (UMD): Summary Review
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex is an acclaimed anime tv series. The summary review gives a quick rundown of what you get in this UMD release.

Ghost in the Shell: SAC Vol 1 (UMD): Full Review
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex is an acclaimed anime tv series; check out the details of the UMD release.

Hellboy Review (UMD)
Hellboy was one of the earlier UMD movie releases, and it's a lot of fun.

Paranoia Agent Review (UMD)
Paranoia Agent is the creation of acclaimed anime director Satoshi Kon. The volume one UMD is reviewed here.

Steamboy (UMD): Summary Review
Get the quick run-down on this movie.

Steamboy (UMD): Full Review
A more in-depth look at Steamboy and its good and bad points.

Van Helsing Review (UMD)
Van Helsing is a movie that had some great ideas behind it, but which just didn't quite work.

PSP UMD Movie Round-up
Over at PlayStation Games, Roger Altizer reviews a batch of UMD-format movies: Saturday Night Live: The best of Will Ferrell, vol. 2, Godsend, The Doors, and Made.

The DC Video Review
About's Skateboarding Guide Steve Cave reviews indie UMD label Silver Platter's skateboarding video.

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