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How to Tell if Your PSP Motherboard is Model TA-082

Do You Have the Dreaded Incompatible-With-Modchip model?


The Undiluted Platinum modchip has the potential to un-brick dead PSPs, and allow you to run more than one firmware version on the same PSP (which means you could run both the latest games, and the coolest homebrews). Sadly, there is one version of the PSP's motherboard which is incompatible with the modchip. Model TA-082 was primarily seen in recent Asian PSPs and North American Core Packs, but you never know, it could be in yours, too. Fortunately, there's a simple way to tell if your PSP (or one you want to buy used) has the dreaded model TA-082. Click on the first image below, and follow them through to learn how.
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Step One: Open the UMD DoorStep Two: Look for the CodeStep Two, Revisited
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