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PSP & PS Vita Homebrew Programming and Hacking

An intrepid few PSP enthusiasts have figured out ways to create homebrew applications, games, emulators and other cool stuff for the PlayStation Portable. Read all about it!

What is Homebrew?
Homebrew is a term that refers to home-made programming and software. Despite Sony's security measures on PlayStation Portable firmware, there is a thriving PSP homebrew community.

Is PSP Homebrew Programming Good or Evil?
The PlayStation Portable has an active homebrew community, despite Sony's attempts to block out hacking with firmware updates. In this article, we look at both sides of the PSP homebrew issue: does it do the platform good, or is it an evil in the gaming industry?

Can the PSPgo Run Homebrew?
Is it possible to run homebrew on a PSPgo?

PSP User Answers - Could Homebrew Save the PSPgo?
Some folks have said the the lack of homebrew ability will kill the PSPgo. Others have said that running homebrew might save it. What do you think?

The Dangers of Letting Kids Hack their PSPs
A look at the risks (and rewards) of letting kids hack their PSPs.

The Advantages of Letting Kids Hack Their PSPs
Some positive aspects of letting kids hack the PSP.

3 Kinds of Legal (and Illegal) Software for PSP
A description for parents of the free software available for hacked PSPs, and whether each kind is legal or not.

How to Run Homebrew on a PSP with Firmware 1.00
PSP Firmware 1.00 is the easiest firmware to run homebrew on, but it's also the least common firmware as it was only released on Japanese PSPs at launch.

How to Run Homebrew on a PSP with Firmware 1.50
PSP firmware version 1.50 is considered to be the best firmware for homwbrew. It will allow you to run all PSP homebrews.

Is it Possible to Run Homebrew on PSP Firmware 1.51 and 1.52?
The short answer is no, but that's not quite the end of it.

How to Convert Homebrew Files to KXploit Form
In order to run homebrew on a firmware 1.50 PSP, the files need to be in KXploit form. Most homebrew will come already converted, but if it's not, here's how to do it yourself.

Do You Run PSP Homebrew?
Readers respond to the question: Do you run PSP homebrew? Why or why not?

Coolest Homebrews for PSP
There are all kinds of really cool homebrew programs out there that you can run on a PSP. Here are ten of the ones I think are the most exciting.

Game Emulators for PSP
PSP homebrewers have made emulators for just about every game system out there. Play NES roms on your PSP? Absolutely! GBA? That too. Here are 10 of the coolest emulators to try on your PlayStation Portable

More Game Emulators for PSP
Now you can even play Intellivision games on your PSP. Here are 10 more coolest emulators to try on your PlayStation Portable.

How to Tell if Your PSP is a TA-082
Find out if your PSP motherboard is a TA-082 model (which will not work with a modchip).

Book Review: Hacking the PSP
A quick run-down of the book Hacking the PSP.

Extended Book Review: Hacking the PSP
I review one of the few PSP books out there: Hacking the PSP: Cool Hacks, Mods, and Customizations for the Sony PlayStation Portable by Auro Rahimzadeh.

Hotrock's 2.6 PSP Homebrew Guide
Here's a basic guide and introduction to homebrew for the PSP.

PSP Emulation News
This site has a news bog for info on the latest homebrews, plus info on different kinds of emulators, and more.

PSP Hacks
PSP Hacks has information on "hacks, mods, cracks, utilities" and homebrew for PSPs.

PSPHomebrew.net is a forum for homebrew on the PlayStation Portable. You'll find all kinds of homebrew discussed there.

PSP Programming
"Our goal is to provide homebrew developers support for their projects. Having trouble with your code? Check the forums. Looking for a generic function to use in your game? Visit the wiki. Want to learn more programming techniques? Read the tutorials..."

PSP Updates
Get up-to-the-minute updates on PSP homebrew and more.

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