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I'll be up front and say it right now: I love my PSP. However, I did love my PSP and play with it more than any other handheld (I also have a GBA SP and a DS) before it became my job. As with the PS2, it was Sony's goal to make the PSP more than just a game console, and they have certainly succeeded in that. But leaving the multifunctionality aside, the PSP holds its own against other consoles just as a game machine, though it's not so much better than they are as it is different.
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  • Biggest, sharpest screen on a handheld.
  • Does much more than just play games.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Same button layout as the PS2's Dualshock controller.


  • No built-in harddrive.
  • Rather pricey.


  • Processor: 133 MHz PSP CPU
  • Screen: 4.3 inch widescreen LCD, 480 x 272 pixels, 16.77 million colours
  • Memory: 32 MB main memory + 4 MB embedded DRAM; also uses Memory Stick Duo media
  • Ports and Drives: 802.11b Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, Memory Stick Duo, infrared, DC 5V, headset, UMD drive
  • Power: lithium-ion battery, AC adaptor

Guide Review - PSP - PlayStation Portable

Here's a quick rundown of how the PSP compares to other game systems and portable media players. For a more in-depth look, check out the Full Review.


The GameBoy Advance pays games, and so does the PSP. The GBA plays video off of special GBA video media, and the PSP plays video off special PSP media. Other than that, the PSP is so far beyond the GBA that it's rather unfair to compare them.


The DS Lite holds up better next to the PSP in terms of design, owing to its sleeker, prettier profile. Both DS versions are good gaming machines, and generally the DS has quite different kinds of games than the PSP. The choice between the two becomes a matter of what you like rather than which is better (and who says you have to choose, anyway?).

PSP as MP3 Player

The PSP actually makes a really good portable music player, except that it's pretty huge compared to most MP3 players. The use of the Memory Stick Duo is an advantage, though, as you can fill as many sticks as you like with music, and switch sticks on the go.

PSP as Video Player

It's small, but the PSP's screen has great detail for its size. UMDs have high-quality video, but if you want to view your own video, the issue becomes memory stick size and cost, and how much video you can fit on a stick at your preferred resolution.

As I said, this is just the briefest of overviews. To really find out how the PSP performs, and maybe to understand why I like mine so much, click over to the Full Review.

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