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PSP 2 Rumor Roundup

Everything Somebody Thinks They Know About the PSP 2



PSPgo is NOT PSP 2


Update: The PSP 2 is the PS Vita! I'm leaving this article up for historical interest, but you can find the scoop on the PSP's successor here.

When the PSPgo was announced, I expected that rumors about the PSP 2 would die off. After all, a significant portion of the features rumored for the PSP 2 were announced for the PSPgo. In a way, the PSPgo seemed like it was the PSP 2. Except Sony immedicately insisted that the PSPgo is not the PSP 2. And then the PSP 2 rumors began all over again.

It's probably safe to say that there will, at some point in the future, be a PSP 2 (which may or may not be called PSP 2). Just like there was a PS2 and then a PS3. How many of the rumored features will be present when it happens is impossible to determine.

For those curious about just what people are saying the PSP 2 is going to be like, here are all the rumors I could find. The first batch are features that were rumored for the PSP 2, but will be present in the PSPgo. The second batch are featured that didn't make it into the PSPgo, but which could still happen in a PSP 2. At the bottom you'll find a list of my original blog posts concerning PSP 2 rumors. And you'll find a link to page where you can speculate for yourself.

PSP 2 Rumored Features Found in PSPgo

  • slide-out or flip-out buttons, or sliding screen
    The sliding screen turned out to be the most prominent feature of the PSPgo, allowing a smaller size.
  • no UMD drive
    Also allowing for a smaller form factor, the removal of the UMD drive means games are download-only for the PSPgo
  • onboard memory
    It makes sense for the PSPgo to have onboard memory, given the lack of optical drive.

PSP 2 Rumored Features NOT Found in PSPgo

  • Imagination Technologies' PowerVR chip
    Specifically, it was reported that a quad-core version of the SGX543MP chip would be used in the PSP2
  • dual analog sticks
    This is a feature gamers have been wanting forever, to the point that some folks have even modded their PSPs to add a second stick. While gamers would love two sticks, PSP games to date can only take advantage of one, so there would have to be a shift in game development at the same time.
  • touchscreen
    If, as it seems, Sony it challenging the iPhone/iPod Touch with the PSP, then giving a PSP 2 a touchcreen would be a logical move. How useful it would actually be in gaming is debatable, though.
  • built-in camera
    Adding a camera to a PSP 2 would be little more than a gimmick, but it could also be a selling point. The DSi has a built-in camera, and some does the iPhone, so maybe to compete effectively, a PSP 2 should have one as well. One the other hand, it does take up space.
  • built-in GPS
    While built-in GPS could just be a gimmick, it could also open the way to some interesting games and some very useful non-gaming applications. It would also be necessary to really compete with the iPhone/iPod Touch.

PSP 2 Rumor Blog Posts

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