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Part 2: GPS Receiver


PSP Tech That Kids Will Love

In this continuation of my first article on the subject, we'll look at a more obscure bit of PSP hardware, perfect for the tech-savvy child who has everything -- namely:

The PSP-290 GPS Receiver

Though we North Americans were teased with the PSP-290 (twice!), it never did see the light of day on our shores. A real shame, too, considering that at around $65, the unit is a great bargain compared to standalone GPS (or Global Positioning System) receivers.

Thankfully, like most portable gaming consoles, the PSP is region-free -- meaning that not only foreign games, but foreign hardware accessories are compatible with models of all regions (with very few exceptions). So the Japanese PSP-290 remains a good buy for kids -- but only if your child has hacked their PSP (you can ask them if this is the case; they will know). 

Without the right homebrew software, there isn't much (if anything) the PSP GPS receiver can do. But with programs like AVEC or MapThis!, the PSP GPS unit can be a lot of fun, from going on walks around the neighborhood to checking out far-off parts of the world. And it will help keep kids from getting lost, granting parents a little peace of mind. 

Buyer Beware: A commercial title for PSP, Go!Explore, had maps for the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Scandinavia, and more. This would have been fun for family trips to the Old World -- had the product not been quickly discontinued by the manufacturer. As it's impossible to update the maps yourself, Go!Explore has, sadly, become completely useless by now. The official Japanese software is similarly old and discontinued.

See our guide Niko's overview of the PSP GPS receiver here. You can buy the unit at Play-asia.com (link goes directly to product page).

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