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PSP & PS Vita Hardware and Firmware

The PlayStation Portable looks cool, and the PS Vita even more so, but what are they actually capable of? Find out what the features the hardware has, and what the different firmware versions add to (or take away from) the PSP's functionality.
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New PSN Features for PS Vita Users
PS Vita firmware 1.80 adds new PlayStation Network features, among other things.

How Do I Update My PSP Firmware?
There are three different ways to update the firmware on your PSP. Here's how to do them all.

How to Find out Which Firmware Version a PSP Has
Finding out which version of the PSP firmware your PlayStation Portable is running is simple. Just follow this step-by-step.

E3 2011
A page for Sony's NGP and PSP announcements at the upcoming E3 2011.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
The long-rumored "PSP Phone" has finally been officially announced and it's called the Sony Ercisson Xperia Play.

The About PSP Guide to PSP Hardware
Find all the information you need on all of the PSP models, from specifications lists, to image galleries, to what the PSP's hardware means for gamers.

Choosing the Best PSP for a Young Gamer
Learn about the different models of the PSP hardware and find out how to choose the best PSP for kids.

How Kid-Friendly Will the NGP Be?
An article discussing Sony's NGP, also known as PSP2, and whether or not you should purchase one for your child.

Unboxing the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Smartphone aka PSP Phone
Unboxing the "PSP Phone" aka the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play smartphone.

Best PSP Bundles for Kids
Our PSP for Kids expert picks 5 kid-friendly PSP bundles.

Sony Ericsson Extras Multimedia Dock for Xperia Play
Sony Ericsson Extras is releasing a mutlimedia dock for the Xperia Play (PSPPhone). Here are the details.

Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P
Sony's Tablet S and Tablet P are PlayStation-Certified devices, making them cousins to the PSP and PS Vita.

PSP-3000 Specifications
Here's a list of the specifications for the 3rd generation PSP, the PSP-3000.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Review

5 Ways the PS Vita is What Gamers Wanted in the First Place
The PS Vita is the PSP we wanted all along (even though it's not called a PSP any more). Here's why.

NGP / Next Generation Portable (aka PSP2) Specifications

Why Sony's UMD Format Never Flourished
The poor Universal Media Disc has never really been loved by gamers, even by those who adore the PSP. Here are some reasons why.

PSP Tech That Kids Will Love: GPS

PSP vs iPod – A Comparison of Sony PlayStation Portable and Apple iPod
Sony has long been trying to create a multimedia device with the PSP, though it is primarily a handheld gaming console. Similarly, though Apple's iPod is a music player, it has been given more and more abilities with new models and new software. I put them head to head in round one of PSP vs iPod: A Confession, of Sorts.

Firmware Version 6.3
Profile of PSP (PlayStation Portable) firmware version 6.3, including 6.30.

PSP / PlayStation Portable Firmware Version 6.6
Profile of PSP (PlayStation Portable) firmware version 6.6, including 6.60.

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