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'Welcome Park' Games and Trophies


Welcome Park comes pre-installed on the PS Vita, and it's essentially a selection of five minigames specifically designed to introduce new PS Vita owners to the handheld's array of controls and inputs. It also happens to give you your first shot at collecting some PS Vita trophies. I've reviewed this app before, but now I want to have a closer look at each game and fill you in on how to get all the trophies (some are easy, and some rather frustratingly difficult).

1. Digit Chase

PS Vita Welcome Park Icon

The aim of Digit Chase is to get you comfortable with flicking, dragging, and tapping, and the quicker the better. There are three sections here: Flick and Drag, Rear Touch Panel, and Tap. Each one offers a trophy, while the final trophy requires you to do all three back-to-back.

Trophies: 4 (bronze)

  • Digit Chase Flick and Drag Prize: Complete the Flick and Drag stage in 20 seconds or less. Spin the wheel of colored rectangles and peel each one off in numerical order. This is one of the more difficult challenges, since you have to learn how to spin the carousel of peel-off rectangles at just the right speed and get it to stop at the right time.
  • Digit Chase Rear Touch Panel Prize: Complete the Rear Touch Panel stage in 20 seconds of less. Use the rear touch panel to bounce balls in numerical order. If you just tap both of the spots as quickly as possible, you should get the trophy the first time through (cheating, maybe, but it'll get you through if you're stuck).
  • Digit Chase Tap Prize: Complete the Tap stage in 30 seconds or less. Tap (and sometimes double-tap, or tap in two places at once) the numbers in numerical order as they appear on the screen. It's not super-difficult, but harder than it looks, so if you have trouble, try putting your PS Vita flat on a table so you can tap with both index fingers.
  • Digit Chase Prize: Complete all three Digit Chase stages back-to-back in a minute or less.

2. Hello Face

Hello Face is a silly little game in which you're supposed to find things that look like faces and photograph them. The app then converts them into animated smiley faces. The drawback is, it has a very specific idea of what a face looks like (two very obvious dots or circles for eyes, and a very obvious line or curve for a mouth), which makes is difficult to play as the developers intended. If you have trouble with this one, just draw a standard smiley face with a big black marker on a piece of paper and photograph that. The app doesn't care is you use the same one more than once.

Trophies: 1 (bronze)

  • Hello Face Prize: Capture three images with your camera that the app thinks look like faces.

3. Skate Axis

Skate Axis is probably the most fun of all the Welcome Park minigames, but it's also the easiest to get the trophy. You control a little skateboarding figure and use the tilt sensors to avoid the bouncing balls that come at you, and to jump to collect stars for points.

Trophies: 1 (bronze

  • Skate Axis Priz: Get 500 or more points in Skate Axis

4. Snap & Slide

Snap & Slide lets you take a photo and then turns it into a slider puzzle. You can choose a puzzle with 7, 8, 14, or 15 pieces. Choosing 7 or 8 will give you the same grid, but 7 will give you two free spaces to work with and 8 only one. The same goes with choosing 14 vs 15 pieces. If you're finding it difficult to get these trophies (and even veteran slider-puzzlers might), it really helps to make a couple of grids of numbers and photograph those. For a 7 or 8 piece puzzle, draw a grid that's 3x3 squares and number them 1 through 9. For the 14 and 15 piece puzzles, use a 4x4 square grid numbered 1 through 16. This should make it much easier to complete the puzzles in time.

Trophies: 4 (bronze)

  • Snap + Slide 7 Piece Prize: Finish the 7-piece puzzle in 20 seconds or less.
  • Snap + Slide 8 Piece Prize: Finish the 8-piece puzzle in 30 seconds or less.
  • Snap + Slide 14 Piece Prize: Finish the 14-piece puzzle in 40 seconds or less.
  • Snap + Slide 15 Piece Prize: Finish the 15-piece puzzle in 50 seconds or less.

5. Sound Loop

This trophy is even easier to get than the Skate Axis, but not nearly as much fun. Use the microphone to record sounds to build up a bunch of loops. You don't have to record anything specific; in fact, you can simply tap the record button for a second at a time and record the same sound over and over.

Trophies: 1 (bronze)

  • Sound Loop Prize: Record 20 sounds at once.

6. Complete All Minigames

There is only 1 gold and 1 silver trophy in Welcome Park (and no platinum). Get them by playing all the games.

Trophies: 2 (1 gold + 1 silver)

  • Welcome park Prize: Get this silver trophy by playing though all 5 tutorial minigames. You don't have to get a specific score, just complete them all.
  • Welcome Park Master: Get this gold trophy by achieving all the other trophies from all 5 games.
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