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PS Vita Announcement Games List

Games You'll See When the "PSP2" Arrives


Sony PS Vita

Sony PS Vita


While there aren't a lot of absolutely confirmed games listed for the PS Vita (formerly known as the NGP), there are a few, and boy, are they good ones. There are also a number of franchises that were listed on the same post as the original PlayStation blog announcement of the PS Vita; officially, these are "software franchises shown or talked about at PlayStation Meeting 2011," which means they might not actually happen, but they're likely.

Confirmed PS Vita Launch Games

Other Confirmed Games

Other Probable PS Vita Franchises Mentioned

  • Broken
  • Call of Duty
  • Killzone
  • Resistance
  • Smart As

There are a few big names in there, which should make the PS Vita's launch go better than some are predicting.

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