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The Bottom Line

The smaller half of the eponymous Jak and Daxter action-adventure team gets his own game on the smaller member of Sony's pair of PlayStations, the PSP. If you loved the other games in the series, you're going to love this one. It's a bit shorter, perhaps, and some players will find it easier, but Daxter is a Jak and Daxter game through and through. It doesn't have quite as much variety of gameplay as previous instalments in the series, but it's still a worthy addition.
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  • Complements existing Jak & Daxter franchise.
  • Lush, bright cartoon-style graphics.
  • Well-tuned controls.
  • Fun and challenging minigames.
  • Extra Bug Combat game.


  • Some may find it too easy or short.
  • I never did find those last 3 Precursor orbs!


  • ESRB rated E10+ -- published by SCEA -- Game Profile -- Unlockables
  • Graphics: Bright, lush cartoony graphics perfectly complement the game. Really nice-looking.
  • Sound: Unobtrusive music and fun effects. I sometimes broke things just because I liked the sound.
  • Gameplay: Nice, even difficulty curve, though it never gets really hard. Well-balanced controls.
  • Multiplayer: Main game is single-player only. Bug Combat allows two to battle their bugs via Ad Hoc.
  • Replay Value: Moderate. I'll keep playing until I get all the orbs and gold on all the minigames.
  • Other Features: If you also own Jak X Racing you can connect the two for special content in both.
  • Recommendation: A must-buy if you like the series; otherwise rent it first, then buy it.

Guide Review - Daxter

Jak and Daxter series developer Naughty Dog handed Daxter over to Ready at Dawn Studios, which created a game that feels a lot like the original Jak and Daxter, and looks a lot like Jak II. Fans concerned that a different development studio might ruin the game need not worry. There's no doubt that Daxter's PSP outing is a full member of the family.

Different, Yet the Same

This time, Daxter's on his own, exterminating bugs in Haven City while looking for Jak. The game's biggest weakness is here, in its sameness. There is an awful lot of bug killing, though you do get new moves and powerups along the way. With a variety of environments to explore, from a brewery to a garden to a subway system, I found that the fun platforming elements more than made up for the repetitive bug fighting; others may not agree.

I Know Kung Fu!

As with other Jak and Daxter games, you can collect Precursor Orbs to unlock secrets. The best incentive for orb-gathering is the minigames, where you play Daxter in his dreams as he takes on the roles of various movie characters. It would have been even better if these minigames were accessible outside of the main game after completion.

What is included as a separate game is Bug Combat, a rock/paper/scissors-style game that you play using bugs collected during the main game. It was kind of fun, but not that engaging for me.

Daxter is not at all a serious game, but if you're in the mood for something very fun and a little silly, this is the game to play.

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