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Pelican Face Armor and Disc Jackets

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Pelican Face Armor

Pelican Face Armor

The Bottom Line

Pelican's Face Armor for PSP is a great idea -- it attaches easily and acts as both a screen protector and a sun visor. It's also an inexpensive alternative to the fancy cases on the market. It's not as sturdy as could be, though, and the Disc Jackets are difficult to get on and off the first few times.
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  • An inexpensive way to protect your PSP.
  • Also acts as a sun visor.
  • Matches the shiny black of the PSP.


  • Not as durable as I'd like.
  • Gets in the way of the USB port.


  • Item: Face Armor and Disc Jackets
  • Type: Cases
  • Manufacturer: Pelican

Guide Review - Pelican Face Armor and Disc Jackets

Face Armor is a neat accessory that attaches to the top of a PlayStation Portable. It flips down to protect the PSP and flips up to act as a sun shade. The Disc Jackets are clear plastic cases that slip over UMDs to prevent accidental scratches on the optical surface.

The Good

Pelican's Face Armor has quite a few things going for it. It's easy to attach, you don't have to take it off to use your PSP, it flips up and down easily, it's thin, and it matches the shiny black finish of the top of the PSP. The Disc Jackets are small -- not much bigger than a UMD -- and you can easily see what game is inside. The whole package is easy on the wallet, too -- under $10 in the US, and just over $12 in Canada.

The Bad

Unfortunately, there isn't quite enough clearance for easily plugging a USB cable in to the PSP while the Armor is on. It's certainly possible to do, but it's a tight fit, which probably isn't good for the Armor or the end of the plug. Also, after many months of use, the hinge on one side of the Armor is cracking and both sides of the hinge are splitting at the seam. The Disc Jackets always make me a little nervous putting on and taking off a UMD. They're a snug fit, and it almost feels like you have to force them. They do look nice one, though.

The Ugly

Actually, there's nothing ugly here. I'd have preferred a matte black finish to match the back of the PSP, but the shiny looks good, too.

This package is a good buy, but maybe not a super long-lasting one.

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