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Hagiwara Sys-Com Easy Recorder 2

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Easy Recorder 2 from Hagiwara Sys-Com

Easy Recorder 2

Hagiwara Sys-Com

The Bottom Line

While some people may question the need to be able to directly record video for playback on a PSP, if that's what you want to do, this is the prefect device to do it on. There are a few other MP4 video recorders out there designed to do the same thing and, while I haven't had hands-on experience with any others yet, the Easy Recorder 2 seems to hold its own just fine in the reviews I've looked at.

The Easy Recorder 2 from Hagiwara Sys-Com is tiny -- a littler smaller and a lot light than the PSP itself, but it packs in pretty much all the features you need for recording PSP video.


  • Records video to a memory stick for direct playback on a PSP.
  • Can also be used as a memory stick reader/writer.
  • Recorded video also playable on a Video iPod, PC or Mac.
  • Can record from any device with standard RCA video output.
  • Has 3 compression/quality settings.


  • If your video player only has one output, you can't see what you're recording.
  • Not compatible with memory sticks over 1GB or under 128MB.


Guide Review - Hagiwara Sys-Com Easy Recorder 2

What it Does

The Easy Recorder 2 from Hagiwara Sys-Com is a stand-alone memory stick video recorder. It's meant to record video from any video device with a standard RCA output directly on to a Memory Stick Duo or Pro Duo, already formatted for PSP playback. That means that the recorder automatically formats the video for the small PSP screen and saves the files in the PSP's file hierarchy, so you can take the memory stick out of the Easy Recorder 2 and put it directly into your PSP for playback. In other words, you don't need a computer at all to record and watch video.

The Easy Recorder 2 saves video as MP4 files, so it is also viewable on a PC or Mac computer, or on a Video iPod. To view the recorded video on anything besides a PSP, you have to transfer the video off the memory stick to the computer or iPod. The Easy Recorder 2 also works as a memory stick reader/writer, though, and it comes with a USB cable, so you don't need a separate reader to transfer the recorded video to your computer -- just plug in the Easy Recorder 2 with the USB and transfer away.

What's in the Box

The Easy Recorder 2 comes with everything you need to start recording and watching video. In the package, you'll find:

  • the Easy Recorder 2
  • an AC power cable/adapter
  • an AV cable (RCA)
  • a type A to mini-B USB cable
  • a user manual (a pamphlet, really)
You can also buy a bundle directly from Hagiwara Sys-Com that includes a memory stick.

It's a fairly simple to get the unit set up and to start recording, though you won't be able to copy anything with Macrovision copy protection. The unit will record for up to 5 hours straighy and you can fit about 8 hours of video on a 1GB stick at the lowest quality setting.

For an more in-depth hands-on review, follow the "Full Review" link.

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