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PSP & PS Vita Accessories

So the PSP comes boxed with earbud headphones and a soft case, but maybe you want something more rugged or stylish for your PlayStation Portable. Find out here what's available and if it's worth the asking price.
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Travel With a PSP or PS Vita
Sony's handhelds are the perfect travel companions for gamers, but before you take your expensive device on the road, you may want to add a few accessories to keep it safe and functional.

Official PS Vita Starter Kit Review
What comes in the PS Vita Starter Kit from Sony, and is it worth getting? How does it compare to similar third-party products? Find out here.

PSP Accessories I Actually Use
These are the things I actually use for my own PSPs. I've included both items for specific PSP models, as well as things that work for all PSP models.

Inexpensive Gifts for PSP Gamers
Here are five of the best, and cheapest, gifts for the PSP gamer on your shopping list.

The Best PSP Add-Ons You Probably Can't Use
There were lots of neat things for the PSP-1000 that didn't get made for later models. Here are some of the the coolest, plus some that did get carried over to more recent PSPs.

3 PSP Accessories You Should Avoid
Here are 3 accessories you won't want to buy for your PSP.

3 Great PSP Accessories for Kids
A list of three great PSP accessories for kids, with links to full articles.

How to Customize Your PSP
Customize your PSP is ways from simple to complex. Add custom wallpapers, themes, skins, cases, faceplates and mods.

PSP Themes and Your Kids
A guide for parents that discusses which PSP Themes and Wallpapers aren't appropriate for children.

PSP Blue Raspberry Sours and PSP Cherry Sours Review
Need some candy to fuel your game sessions? This might help. Or maybe not.

Top 8 PSP Accessories
Nino Marchetti, About's Portable Entertainment Guide, reviews 8 of the best accessories for the PSP.

PSP Tech That Kids Will Love: Augmented Reality

PSP Tech That Kids Will Love: Car Adapter
An article about the PSP Car Adapter.

Datel Tilt FX Motion Control for PSP
Have you ever wished your PSP has the same motion-sensing capabilities as your iPhone? Well, now it can, sort of.

Everki Duel PSP Satchel Review
The Duel PSP satchel from Everki is a sturdy, stylish bag for carrying your PSP. It's not perfect, but it's close.

Everki Force PSP Satchel Review
The Force PSP satchel from Everki is another sturdy bag for carrying your PSP and accessories.

Hagiwara Sys-Com Easy Recorder 2 Overview
The Easy Recorder 2 from Hagiwara Sys-Com is a stand alone memory stick recorder that lets you record video to a Memory Stick Duo for playback on a PSP, Video iPod, or computer.

Everki Force PSP Satchel - Full Review
A more in-depth look at the Force PSP Satchel by Everki.

Icemat Siberia In:Ear Headphones Review
Icemat has made a nice set of in-ear headphones that were developed especially to replace the existing PSP headphones.

Easy Recorder 2 Full Review
An in-depth review of Hagiwara Sys-Com's Easy Recorder 2 memory stick recorder for PSP video recording.

Sony PSPgo Traveler Case Review
The Traveler Case for PSPgo is an official PSPgo accessory from Sony and is designed to protect your system and to double as a stand for watching videos.

Shieldzone invisibleShield
ShieldZone's entry into the PSP shield protection market, the invisibleShield, really is invisible - almost.

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