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'When Vikings Attack!' Profile (PS Vita)


Game Info for 'When Vikings Attack!':

  • Genre: action
  • Rating: ESRB RP (Rating Pending)
  • Number of Players: 4 (4 online)
  • Developer: Clever Beans
  • Publisher: Sony
  • Format: unknown
  • Other Platforms: PS3
  • Release Date: unknown

Find Out More About 'When Vikings Attack!':

Summary of 'When Vikings Attack!':

What if Vikings attacked your town, 1200 years after they were supposed to have existed? That's the premise for this amusing-looking action adventure title developed by the UK's Clever Beans, to be published by Sony at some point in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

Players in Vikings Attack! have to rally the townsfolk to defend their home village against a band of Vikings set on looting and pillaging. Gather together some archetypal urban dwellers like, say, a construction worker, the local priest, a police officer, a school kid, or what have you, then arm them with whatever is at hand. That phone booth on the corner, maybe, or a parked car. Hurl said car at the Vikings. No, really, apparently you'll be able to do that. From which you can probably gather that there is a strong streak and tongue-in-cheek fun running through this game. Or I hope there will be.

Multi-Platform, Cross-Play

When Vikings Attack!

will be available (when is unknown at this point--not even a year is listed on the PlayStation website) for both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, and there will be full cross-play functionality. So you'll be able to play against players on either system, no matter which one you're playing on. You'll also be able to play on one system, then switch to the other and keep playing where you left off, as long as you remember to synch your save games (this assumes, of course, that you have both a PS3 and a PS Vita, and that they're registered to the same PlayStation Network account, and that you remember to synch--unless auto-synch is implemented, which it might be).

If that's not good enough, then how about this: if you buy one version of the game--either the PS3 or the PS Vita version--you'll get the other version automatically, for free. Pay once, play on both systems.


It looks like multiplayer modes will be available both for local, ad hoc play with systems in range of each other, and for online play. There are two game modes--Adventure (the main storyline-following mode) and Versus (head-to-head against opponents mode)--and both will be be playable with multiplayer. So you can make you way through the game all by your onesies, or you can can have up to three friends (for four players total) join you to help you through your quest. Or you can have up to three friends (again, for four total) play against you in various competitive matches. And I'll mention again that those four players can be on any combination of PS3s and PS Vitas.

That's about all the information there is about When Vikings Attack! at the time of writing, but it looks like a whole lot of fun to me. Actually, the graphics and the way the townsfolk and Vikings are grouped reminds me a lot of Zombie Tycoon, which just makes me even more excited for this game's release, because Zombie Tycoon is one of my favorite PS Minis.

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