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Warrior's Lair (formerly titled Ruin) is an action-RPG from Sony, with a focus on the action element, set in a medieval-esque fantasy world. According to the PlayStation website, it is "brutal and intense." Aside from that focus, many of the elements sound much like the usual RPG fare--though to be fair, the game isn't scheduled for release until the end of 2012 and the details are pretty sparse.

Among the few things that have been mentioned, though, are quests to complete, treasures (rare treasures, no less) to discover and claim, an ancient civilization in ruins (also, "shattered"), and lots of fighting. As one would expect from a fantasy-themed RPG, there will be a variety of character classes to choose from, each with its own particular strengths, skills, and characteristics. Presumably there will also be dungeons, or something resembling dungeons, monsters, weapons to find or buy, and lots and lots of levelling up.

One feature that sounds pretty nice is the personalized lair. There aren't really any details yet, but it sounds like you'll be able to decorate your in-game home base with your achievements and maybe even your loot. Perhaps you'll even be able to invite friends and rivals in for a visit. One source indicates that player's lairs will be locations available for other players to go on quests, so maybe there is also the possibility that you could lose your hard-earned items to someone else if you're not careful. I'll be very curious to see how this aspect of the game develops.


I suppose being on PS Vita and PlayStation 3 counts as "multi-platform." Being a Sony-develped project, it's not likely to come out on any other consoles, though you never know. Warrior's Lair will feature cross-play functionality, so players can start playing on either a PS Vita or PS3, and switch platforms mid-game, whenever they like, and pick up on the other device. Assuming they connect to the PlayStation Network to allow their games saves to sync, and assuming their PS3 and PS Vita are registered to the same PSN account. I haven't been able to confirm for sure, but it sounds like the game will also be a single purchase for both PS3 and PS Vita versions.

It's not really relevant to PS-Vita-only players, but Warrior's Lair will include support for 3D displays and PlayStation Move in the PS3 version.


It sounds like there will be considerable emphasis on social gaming, with PS Vita features allowing you to challenge opponents wherever you go, as well as integration with Facebook and Twitter to post your progress. Whether this will mainly translate into online modes that can be used on either the PS Vita or PS3 as long as you have an internet connection, or whether it will be on-the-go 3G functionality for PS Vita users is unclear, but I suspect there will probably be some of both. I hope. At any rate, the official description promises that you'll be able to both work with your friends and compete against them in looking for treasure, and earning trophies and rewards.

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