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'Sine Mora' Profile (PS Vita)


Sine Mora PS Vita Box

Sine Mora PS Vita Box

Digital Reality

Game Info for 'Sine Mora':

  • Genre: shooter, action
  • Rating: ESRB M (Mature 17+ - Strong Language, Sexual Themes), CERO C, PEGI 16
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Developer: Digital Reality/Grasshopper Manufacture
  • Publisher: Digital Reality
  • Format: PSN download
  • Other Platforms: XBox 360, PS3
  • Release Date: summer 2012

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Summary of 'Sine Mora':

Sine Mora was first an XBLA (XBox Live Arcade) downloadable game for XBox 360, released in March 2012, and was then ported to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, also as a downloadable game (neither of these last two versions has been released yet as I write this). On XBox 360, it generally got good reviews and is well-liked by fans.

Side-Scrolling 2.5D Bullet Hell

This game is what is popularly called "2.5D." That is, while the actual gameplay occurs in two dimensions--side-scrolling, in the case of Sine Mora--the backgrounds are fully-rendered in 3D. This is one way of saving resources in game design, while still having an impressive-looking game.

The player controls an airplane equipped with two weapons: a primary weapon that can be upgraded, and a secondary weapon that is considerably more powerful but which has limited uses. Use of the primary weapon also increases the game's score multiplier, while use of the secondary weapon resets it--so getting the best score becomes a balance between taking out a lot of enemies, avoiding damage, and choice of weapon.

Sine Mora includes four difficulty levels--normal, challenging, hard and insane--making it a good example of the aptly-named "bullet-hell" shooter sub-genre.


The world of Sine Mora is a dieselpunk-inspired setting. The term "dieselpunk" derives from "cyberpunk" (some would argue it does so indirectly through "steampunk") and refers to a more-or less interwar setting (between the two world wars) with design influenced by Art Deco. Common motifs of the genre are streamliner trains (and often airships), ray-guns, and a gritty look and feel.

The game includes four modes: "Story," "Arcade," "Score Attack," and "Boss Training." The last three listed give players additional practice or challenges to complete, while the heart of the game is Story mode. The story involves the player as part of a time-travelling group who have to stop a genocidal, robot-building madman from destroying the world.

PS Vita Version

The PS Vita version of Sine Mora includes an all-new playable hero character, and a new special weapon. It also employs some of the PS Vita's specific controls, which, combined with the new character, might make it worth a second purchase for folks who've already played the X360 version (as if this writing, the PS Vita version has not yet been released, so it remains to be seen how much value the PS Vita specific changes add).

The PS Vita's front touchscreen is used to navigate the plane and use the weapons. The top of the screen will activate the primary weapon, while the bottom of the screen activates the special (secondary) weapon. Different ways of touching the screen bring different results, as well: a tap will fire a single shot, while a longer touch will fire the weapon continuously as long as the player's finger remains on the screen.

For PS Vita hardware that includes 3G connectivity, the GPS is employed to unlock the concept art gallery by recording your cumulative distance travelled (no word on whether this is in general, or while playing the game). As of this writing (pre-release-date), there is no information on whether players using wi-fi only hardware will also be able to unlock the concept art gallery.

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