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Niko Silvester

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Niko Silvester is a writer and art student currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She owns two computers, five game consoles, and four portable gaming devices, all of which get regular use (but the PSP is her favorite).


Niko's game reviews have appeared on the Electric Playground and Gamesmania websites, and her book, comic, and toy reviews were published on the now-defunct Entertainment Tomorrow site. When she's not doing homework or writing, she's almost certain to be found mashing buttons on one of her gaming machines. She learned (and keeps learning) about video games through a combination of playing a lot of them, reading a lot of gaming magazines and websites, and talking to other gamers. She has been writing about games and gaming since 1998.


Niko has an assortment of degrees, one of which is in writing, and all of which contributed to her interest in video games ("I have to finish this level" is as good an excuse as any to avoid writing term papers). She is currently attending the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with an Interdisciplinary major, meaning there are lots of opportunities for working gaming into her art projects.

By Niko Silvester:

I became a video game junkie late in life, at the decrepit age of twenty-four-or-so, when I played the first Myst game. Since then, I've switched from PC games (hard to play since I've also switched to a Macintosh) to PS2 games, and have discovered the wonders of portable gaming. I exclaimed "Oh, cool!" on first reading about the PSP, and continue to do so at random intervals, when I discover new features of Sony's portable PlayStation.


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